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This multitasking professional snap tool lets you set plastic snap fasteners (KAM style) but also 4 types of metal snaps (sold separately) with just a one-handed squeeze. Convenient to use in your hand or mounted to a workshop bench it can also attach rivets and grommets/eyelets. 

Available with numerous die attachments, it's perfect for garments, baby clothing and accessories, art and craft projects and so much more.

Compared to our snap pliers, the KZ3 plier is mechanically smoother mechanics which makes installing snaps easier and resulting in more professional-looking snaps. 

This set includes:
- 1 KZ3 plier
- KAM Die for T3 | T16 | 10.7mm
- KAM Die for T5 | T20 | 12.4mm
- KAM Die for T8 | T24 | 14.1mm
- metal rubber/metal pressing head
* Even if we did not test, you can eventually set also the KAM style star and heart shapes snaps.

Note: You will need a small screwdriver to open the plier to change the dies and an awl if you need to punch fabric or leather. No instructions included. Convo us if you need help setting the plier.

Can also set Kinderklipz metal snap fasteners (sold separately):
prong/ring snaps: 9.5mm
prong/ring snaps: 9.7mm 
cap snaps: 10mm
cap snaps: 10.5mm

KAM snaps available here:

Metal snaps available here:

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