Snap Plier Kit - Dark Pink - #pink-kit-plier

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LIMITED EDITION pink snap kit for plastic KAM snaps and metal spring closure snaps.

• 1 dark pink plier
• KAM style snaps Die for T3 | T16 | 10.7mm
• KAM style snaps Die for T5 | T20 | 12.4mm
• KAM style snaps Die for T8 | T24 | 14.1mm
• Die for metal 15mm spring snaps
• Dark pink screwdriver
• 80 plastic KAM style snaps (10 per colour/shape)
• 20 metal spring closure snaps
• plastic case
➠ Instruction manual in PDF will be sent by email with photos and text explaining how to change dies and apply KAM and metal spring snaps in English.

Note 1: you will need a marker to mark the fabric where you want the snap to be and an awl to punch the fabric. For heart, shape snaps use die T5 (already in the plier) and for star shape snaps use die T8. Press gently when attaching the snaps to the fabric.

Note 2: Star shape snaps included in the kit are smaller than the KAM star shape snaps.

Stock available : 8 units
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