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10 x Round Wooden Beads 20mm - Natural - #120108

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Info Product description

Natural untreated wood beads are perfect to make teether toys, wood bead garlands for nursery decor, chunky jewelry, etc. 

=> HIGH-QUALITY perfect round MADE in GERMANY beads <=

You can treat the beads with olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, paint them in your color of choice, varnish in matte or shiny or leave them untreated. 

With large drill holes to accommodate leather and other wide cords. 
★ quantity = 10 beads
★ size ø = 20mm
★ hole size ø = 3.5mm 
★ shape = perfect round
★ material: beech wood
★ finish: unfinished/untreated
★ thumbler polished

note: Natural wood beads with natural knots, tree scares or marking and other nature's unique details. 

Wooden beads can be rinsed in running water and carefully wiped with a soft towel. 

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