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Info Product description

All natural and plain pacifier clip to create baby pacifier holders by just adding cord, beads or ribbon. 

★ quantity = 1 clip
★ design model = round
★ round size Ø = 34mm
★ high = 11mm
★ top ring size for ribbon = 5/8" {14mm}
★ with plastic inserts to prevent any damage to clothing
★ perfect for 3/8'' and 5/8 ribbon or to attach cords
★ stained and varnished colored maple wood
★ Certified DIN EN 71 and DIN 53160-1/-2 European Standards 
★ Non toxic, sweat resistant and saliva resistant
★ Free of pollutants
★ All metal parts are LEAD FREE
★ Certified Master in Craftsmanship manufacture company (Meisterbetrieb seal)
★ EU Timber Regulation manufacture company
★ PEFC and FSC member manufacture company [all wood used comes from strictly sustainable controlled central european forest]

Natural wood clips with natural knots and other nature's unique details. The suspender clips can be rinsed in running water and carefully wiped with a soft towel. 

Need more quantity and/or other colors/sizes? Contact us.


★ Comply with the requirements stipulated in European Standards DIN EN 71 - part 3 and DIN EN 71 - part 9 [safety of children's toys];
★ Compliy with European Standards DIN 53160-1/-2 [saliva and sweat resistance]
★ Comply with the 20th regulation on the amendment of the Consumer Goods Regulation of 7 February 2011 (prohibition of carcinogenous colorants in consumer goods); 
★ All plasticisers parts used comply with the applicable requirements and under the Food and Consumer Goods Law (LFGB). 
★ No harmful substances such as formaldehyde, PCB, PCP, lindane, DMF, polyurethane, isocyanate or heavy metals;
★ No biocides or wood preservatives in accordance with the valid Biocidal Products Directive 98/8/EC FF;
★ No plasticisers based on phthalate such as DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DIBP, DNOP or their modifications;
★ No polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK) 

Need more quantity and/or other colors/sizes? Contact us.

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