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Wooden Peg Doll CN - 38mm - #120098

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Info Product description

Cone shape wooden peg doll made in Germany from sustainable controlled beech forests of Central Europe. Each peg is sanded, smoothed, and ready to paint.

★ quantity: 1 peg doll
★ size: 38mm / 1.49 inches
★ total bottom size: 22mm
★ no foot
★ head size: 13mm
★ neck length: 3mm
★ material: European beech wood
★ finish: unfinished/untreated
★ PEFC Environmental Friendly wood from European Forests only (Austria, Germany, and France)

Peg dolls can be rinsed in running water and carefully wiped with a soft towel. 

Natural wood pegs may have differences in color, natural knots, wood grain, and any other nature's unique details. Wood color can be slightly different for each peg.

Stock available : 8 units
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