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EXCLUSIVE . 1 x Special Shape Dies Pack + Strawberry Snaps + Sunflower Heart Snaps - #710041

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:: STRAWBERRY shape DIE + SUNFLOWER shape/SMILE shape DIES  + 10 SPECIAL snaps ::

SPECIAL SHAPE DIES set includes:
1 die for strawberry snap die tray
1 die for sunflower & smile die tray

SNAP SETS includes:
5 x strawberry snap sets
5 x sundflower heart snap sets in lilac color

NOTE: Use this special dies with a KAM/Kinderklipz brand snap plier [sold separately] only.

Don't have a KAM plier or do you want a full pack with the plier and the special dies? Check them here: http://www.kinderklipz.com/catalog/Tools

Stock available : 2 units