PRYM Prong Snaps 10mm x 25 sets - Grey - #prym_cinza

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Info Product description

PRYM brand prong/ring metal snaps size 15 / 10mm for your clothing projects, baby suits / onesies, pacifier holder straps, coin purses, or any other idea you can imagine. These metal fasteners are made of brass and are OEKO-TEX® certified (snaps have been tested for harmful substances and therefore, are harmless for human health).

The Prym snap prong/ring parts are slightly thicker than "normal" snaps. 

quantity: 25 sets
1 set: 1 colored ring, 1 socket/female, 1 stud/male, 1 silver ring
top cap size: 10mm 
top cap color: grey
High quality - Made in Germany 
OEKO-TEX® certified
• Corrosion resistance
• Resistant to wash

⇢ Need a tool to attach these snaps?
We recommend our KZ3 plier available in the shop (it also attaches our metal 9.5mm, 9.7mm and 10mm capped snaps, plus plastic snaps) or any of our hand press machines PK-93 (green or blue).

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