1 x Round Wooden Safety Bead 18mm - Natural - #120045

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These large wood beads are the safest and easiest way to secure your handmade beaded pacifier holders, baby toys, and other baby accessories. Beside hold your knots securely in place they will also hide it giving your handmade accessories a professional look!

How do they work?
Secure the cord with a safe knot inside the bigger hole, cut the excess of cord and melt the ends. The knot cannot pass the hole since the other side of the hole it's too small. If you are using silicone beads in your projects these are the security bead that you need so that the knot doesn't pass through the silicone beads hole (since they are stretchy, knots can easily go through).

Our beads are smooth and natural eco-friendly from sustainable controlled forests of Central Europe. No chemicals, artificial additives or solvents are used. HIGH-QUALITY perfect round GERMANY MADE beads.

★ quantity: 1 bead
★ hole size side A: 5mm
★ hole size side B: 2.5mm
★ material: european maple wood
★ finish: unfinished/untreated
★ thumbler polished
★ PEFC Environmental Friendly wood from European Forests only (Austria, Germany and France)
★ You can seal these rings with coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil or paint in your favorite color

Wooden beads can be rinsed in running water and carefully wiped with a soft towel. You can treat the beads with olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, paint them in your color of choice, varnish in matte or shiny or leave them untreated.

Natural wood beads may have different colors, natural knots, wood grain, and any other nature's unique details. Wood color can be different for each size.

Also available untreated (no varnish) and painted.

We also carry security other security size beads in 10mm and 12mm.


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