50 sets T16 KAM Snaps - B20 Light Blue - #700104

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KAM snaps are the perfect closure for a wide variety of diaper designs and other apparel and baby accessories. 

Apply with Kinderklipz plier set with T20 die [sold separately]. 

★ quantity = 50 sets
★ 1 set = 2 round caps, 1 stud/male and 1 socket/female
size = 10.7mm [T16 = T3]
★ design model = round top

★ Original KAM brand!
★ Plastic resin snaps, durable, machine washable and machine dryable.
★ High quality materials! 

Note: Resin is a type of plastic used to make snaps.  Resin snaps are stronger and more resistant to extreme changes of temperature than other type of plastic.  All of KAM's snaps are made from polyacetal resin.

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