Metal Snaps Setting Tool - 8mm/8.5mm

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With this metal snap setting tool, you can set Kinderklipz 8.00mm prong snaps and 8.5mm cap snaps.

Lightweight and ready to use it will withstand the blunt force of a hammer, yet protects the delicate snap parts during attachment. Simply position the snap components and fabric in-between the layers of our plastic turquoise snap base and hammer into place.

This kit includes:
• 1 plastic attaching base tool (turquoise or purple color - random color sent)
• 2 plastic dies (white)
• 5 assorted metal snaps 
Note: hammer not included. 

These dies will also fit all PRYM Vario pliers (sold separately).

Please be aware that our prong (ring) part of the <Size 14 snaps will be loose in the die, be sure that you have this in the lower part of the plier. Always check the snap top part size in millimeters to be sure that the snaps will fit the die.

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