1 x Clear O-ring adapters for pacifier clips in silicone - #293703

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Info Product description

These adapter is an add-on for pacifiers that have a button or knob instead a ring to attach the ribbon. They can also be used to attach the ribbon to the pacifier and let the ring free.

Perfect for making your own pacifier holder: 

. MAM pacifiers
. Munchkin knob pacifiers
. Nuk Trendline pacifiers
. Chicco Physio
. Tommee Tippe C-Air
. AVENT button knob
. Nuby pacifiers
. Razbaby pacifiers
. Born Free Night pacifiers
. Hospital's Choice
. Digital Thermometer pacifiers
. The First Years American Red Cross Digital Thermometer pacifiers
. etc.

★ quantity = 1
★ inner diameter appr. = 21mm
★ very strong ring that stretches to fit
★ made from food-graded silicone

Materials on this product are in compliance with FDA and CPSIA regulations.

Stock available : 10 units
Category : SILICONEDummy Adapters