KAM Snap Plier - KZ1 - #710035

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Info Product description

KinderKlipz KZ1 brand hand press pliers tool is a completed lightweight, easy to use tool which allows you to install resin/plastic snaps in seconds (KAM snaps). Great for converting cloth diapers from velcro to snaps also great for any other crafts you can think of purses, clothing, pacifier holder, etc.

This plier can set all KAM resin snaps and most other brand snaps.

Package includes: 
1 Plier
3 Shanks Dies [size T3, T5 and T8]
1 Screwdriver for changing dies
1 Awl for punching fabric
3 Rubber Pressing Heads
1 Metal Rod

Dies for snaps size:
T3 = T16 = 10.7mm
T5 = T20 = 12,4mm [also used for heart shape snaps]
T8 = T24 = 14,1mm [also used for star shape snaps]

Includes printed instructions in english, french and spanish.

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