1 x Engraved Round Wood Bead 20mm - Heart - #120087

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Info Product description

Natural untreated engraved round wooden beads for jewelry making, wood bead garlands, baby accessories, and other projects. 

★ quantity = 1 bead
★ size ø = 19 - 20mm 
★ hole size ø = 4mm approx.
★ color = light
★ shape = round
★ material: natural wood
★ finish: unfinished/untreated
★ engraved: 1 side only

Care Instructions:
Wooden beads can be rinsed in running water and carefully wiped with a soft towel. 

Please Note: 
Natural wood beads with natural knots, tree scares or marking and other nature's unique details. The engraved shape may be lighter or darker than the photos.

~~ Size and color may vary slightly due to different monitors or screens, light conditions and the measurement ~~

Stock available : 109 units
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