10 x 7/8" Plastic KAM Dummy Clips 20mm - B3 White - #293507

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Info Product description

KAM plastic pacifier clips for pacifier and bib holders, nursing straps and other baby or nursing accessories. A perfect alternative to metal suspenders.

★ quantity = 10 x pacifier clips 
★ color = B18 pastel pink
★ top ring size for ribbon/cord = 7/8" {20mm}
★ full size = 42x25mm

★ High quality materials! 
★ Firm grip with plastic teeths to prevent any damage to clothing
★ Perfect for 7/8", 1/2'' and smaller ribbon/cord

Clips have a locking mechanism making it difficult for children to open. When open you can remove the ribbon top part from the remain ring part to better wash your accessory. It's not easy to remove and should only be done when the clip is not in use.

NOTE: this clips are comprised of small parts and can become a choking hazard for babies and children. Always use under adult supervision.

Perfect match with our KAM snaps.

Need more quantity and/or other colors/sizes? Contact us.

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